Active, Outdoor Puerto Rico


On January 9th, Bob and Gretchen Warwick, along with twenty two other adventuresome Road Scholars  met in San Juan, Puerto Rico to begin a seven day sampling of the history, culture, geography, and fun of Puerto Rico.   And an adventure it was, guided by Alberto, our always optimistic and enthusiastic leader.

We kayaked in twenty knot winds that would have been  challenge for our small sailboat.  We drove one-lane, steep mountain roads with tight switchbacks in a full size ten wheeler bus (with a loud horn).  And we hiked miles in rain forests, dry forests, and rocky paths along the coastline.  Most of all, we had a fantastic group of travelers who took everything in stride, combining fun, camaraderie, and learning into one fantastic experience.

Unlike some of the other websites documenting the Warwicks' travels (so we don't forget them!), this site's purpose is to display all of the group pictures that we have in one place.  No effort is made to label the pictures--if you were there, you know what they are.  Links from this home page will bring you to pictures contributed by each member.  The website is designed to be very flexible so that new pictures can be added in minutes using Picasa, Google's  free Swiss army knife photo editing and organizing program.

So lets look at some pictures!

Alberto's Pictures, as taken from the World Events Facebook site

Ann's Pictures including a few from her beautiful Virginia Farm

George & Nancy's photos 

Larry's Photos, documenting just about the whole trip

Mary's Pictures with beautiful folage

Rudy's Pics, if Larry missed anything Rudy certainly got it!

Sue's Pictures from Kodak website